Sewing room and MQG

A little more of the sewing room. Here’s the view from the kitchen. All the action and mess is around the corner out of sight. I thought a lot about this when designing our home.


I didn’t want to cut it off from the rest of the house as that would have created a hallway, which always seems a waste of space to me. I try to avoid them. Plus, on the left wall upon entering the sewing room there’s an 8′ x 8′ design wall that wouldn’t have been possible if there’d been a hallway.


The design wall is two 4′ x 8′ sound boards attached to a wood frame and wrapped in flannel backed tablecloths.

I really like how the 3 quilts on frames look hanging on that wall. A few of my brother’s in law even commented how they like them which is amazing. I don’t think they’ve ever said anything before about one of my quilts.


And finally a close up of the starting block for the next Round Robin in my  Modern Quilt Guild.  I started a local one here in Moses Lake, Washington, USA 2 years ago after some encouragement (pushing!) from a few friends. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot from the other ladies.


Hope you have a nice Saturday and keep warm. We are finally above freezing and it’s weird but that feels warm!

See ya.


Good to know

Good evening.

In finishing this little quilt I decided to use a green thread, usually it would be white. I was trying to decide between two when I wondered if you’d even be able to tell if I used them both. Was the difference too subtle?


The answer was yes, too subtle to notice for a design feature. The peach has the darker, the blue the lighter green. But then I also thought if I were to run out of a color that a similar color would work. I wouldn’t have to run to the store and no one else would be the wiser. Good to know.



I put it on the long wall in my new sewing room. We moved in last April. I intend to fill this wall to the ceiling with art of some kind, mostly quilts. There’s a ways to go.


Here’s a better shot of the new addition.


See ya.

P.S. Thank you for the comments on my last post. I truly felt like I was walking into an empty room talking to myself. It’s been sooo long. You made me feel welcomed back. Ya made me smile.



Scraps. They breed on their own, we all know it.

vsco-photo-1 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I decided to contain them in a basket and made the rule that when it got full I had to sew them up. So I did, improv, cut into 9″ squares. They made good backs, and a few fronts. But that gets boring after a few hundred blocks.

Note to self: Perhaps the size of scrap that goes into the basket needs to be smaller so they don’t fill the basket so quickly. Hm.

So I separated them by color and again with the improv cut into 9″ blocks.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Always love crosses, so some improv crosses. That was fun.


Now what other patterns can you sew with scraps? Because this quilt, though 63″ x 72″ did not make much of a dent in the scrap basket.

See ya.



Fabric Fusion

My friend Jeri shared a quilt she’d sewn from the pattern Fabric Fusion. She used primitive colors with muslin. I kept thinking about it and since I had some bright scraps…


I tried a few blocks with a light grey sash (second row). Not too good, the grey blended right in with the other fabrics. So I tried it with white, but then I had one row of grey and one of white sash. Did not want another random what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-this UFO. Hey, why not continue the graduation to charcoal?




That was fun. I’ve been sewing a lot lately. Cutting out kits to take to retreat and a sew day coming up soon with friends but then I want to sew them up. Oh well. It’s nice to have the time to do so…and the fabric to do it with!

How to Canvas a Quilt

First cut  2.5″ strip (long enough to go all the way around) and begin sewing it to quilt edge with end folded as shown  below. The wood I used for the frame is 1″ x 2″ furring strips. Thicker wood would obviously need a wider strip.


Sew to .25″ (or whatever your seam allowance is) of the corner…



and turn…



Yes the corner will be funky, try not to sew any pleats into it. Here it is done.


A close up of the corner. Don’t clip it as it will be pulled taut around a wooden corner and we don’t want it to rip.


Turn it inside out…


And pull evenly around a frame that you’ve made to fit. Build frame according to finished size of quilt (not including strips) and you will pull the quilt top ever so slightly around frame edge so as not to see strips from the front. I used tacks  but someone mentioned staples which sounds easier on the thumbs for sure. Voila!



This piece is much smaller than the last one, about 6″ x 17″. Usually there is (in my mind) a specific right side up to a piece but not with this one. I like it any way, horizontal, vertical, dark up or down. Colors are silk and grey to white is Kona.


See ya.

two tops

First top is inspired completely by b perrino. Love her work. She did one of these in orange and white. I added blue and grey but think I like her version better. Am quilting this one today, lots of vertical lines. Quick since its baby size.

IMG_7215 IMG_7216 IMG_7217

Have been searching for the perfect Kona orange and so have a short stack of oranges for no particular reason.  Paired it with some blue and white. Love how it turned out. Initially was only using white but didn’t have enough to make it rectangular and so added grey and am glad I did!


I sewed one more top that day but haven’t photographed it yet. Fun day of sewing. Tell me, isn’t it weird how much more you can tell that the blue is blue next to the grey as opposed to the white?

Quilt Canvased

Finally finished this piece for my studio wall. Took a lot of time with this one due to all the thinking. Wasn’t willing to finish it until I figured it all out. I wanted it to hang well, solidly like a painting would. A sleeve on the back wouldn’t be good enough. So I decided on a frame to wrap the quilt around like a canvas. It was super easy, much easier than all my procrastinating warranted.

The back…


I used furring strips ($1.27 at Lowe’s)  that easily allowed tacks to be pushed in. I know that’s not the proper use of L brackets but use what you have right? And they served the purpose. It’s a solid but lightweight frame. I think it was a 2.5″ strip of dark grey that I sewed around the quilt edge to wrap around the 62″ x 24″ wood frame.



Love, love how it turned out. One of those things where I wished I’d have tried it sooner.

IMG_7202IMG_7200IMG_7198 IMG_7197 IMG_7196

This last one shows a corner.


I will definitely be doing this again, even on smaller pieces. It looks so good!