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of the year.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and this New Year the best one yet for us all!


This is a piece I’m working on for a wall in my studio. Haven’t felt like working on it and I guess really haven’t had time due to all the Christmas quilts. So while making a list of projects (3 lists- sewing, quilts and clothes) I noticed I’d kept this book, wanting to try a particular block before returning the book back to its owner. Only had it for months now.


So here’s the block, maybe you can understand why I put it off. More work than I’m used to for one block. Cotton and silk. The pattern is from a Japanese book which I was going to take a photo of but forgot and don’t remember the name. Sheesh, sorry. Maybe if Sabrina reads this she can put the name in the comments, see I didn’t even give the book back to its owner but to another friend.

Now I’m thinking there needs to be at least 2 other circular blocks, this can’t be the only one in the quilt. Maybe a simple wagon wheel and mini Dresden. We’ll see.

1-IMG_7133 1-IMG_7137

See you next in the Year of our Lord 2013.


Merry Christmas

My studio quilt is done. the binding finished.


There was no particular plan for the design. Lime green, various grays and white. Flannel backing. Wind quilting. In progress…




and final close ups…

1-IMG_7112 1-IMG_7109 1-IMG_7110

All quilts are finished, as of today, for Christmas. They are wrapped and ready.

Work tomorrow and Friday and then all that’s left is the baking.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

houses and binding

This pattern came into the store…last week I think it was.  Third Street1-IMG_7092-001

A close up of the striped binding. Like it. Like it. Like it!


It was a quick project, for no particular reason other than the joy of sewing. Probably took as much time to quilt it as to sew the top.


Then a binding project. Its my studio quilt. Modern, lots of white and a flannel backing. I’m taking my own sweet time and just enjoying it. I like the hand stitching part of binding.


Finally… scraps. I’m creating a lot of them, so making blocks like these, I’m hoping, will keep the scrap bag small. And it’ll also set me up for a quick quilt fix. Pull out some blocks, put them together however, and quilt.


I’ve finished 4 quilts for Christmas with two to go. Borders on  one and quilt them both. No problem. Hope you are also enjoying some sewing! Happy finishing to you!

Fun and done

Linen, cotton and silk. 14″ x 21″  Some quilting with white thread and some in color.

Snack mats. I love making these little pieces, they’re so fun. Just a few fabrics, improv piecing and quilted with simple lines. Big enough for a drink and a snack.

This next one is place mat size for a table in the living room.

There’s something real satisfying about quick little sewing projects. Fun and done. Ready to begin a new project.

MODERN Progress

I sewed together some triangles left over from another project, added fabric til it was the size of a leftover piece of flannel and voila. A baby quilt. Think I’l send it to the closest Ronald McDonald house.

And then I’d started, earlier this year, changing things up in my living room. I wanted a big piece of art for the mantal but didn’t know what. I found this piece online, loved it and so set out to recreate my own smaller version.

I tried writing sloppy/artsy but didn’t quite make it as much as the original. I could barely make out actual letters, let alone words. Thinking it may be in another language. More scribbling really. The before and then the after with my written art version, along with a Ellsworth Kelly knockoff I also created.

Would be so much better with the fireplace full of wood. Someday.


The writings are some of my favorite scriptures written with a paint pen on a piece of plywood painted white. The Ellsworth Kelly is on a canvas. More modern don’t you think?

Here’s more of the whole area.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!

Joy Joy Joy

My husbands work  has an auction for the American Cancer Society every year. This was my contribution. Fun and simple. Cotton and linen.

The holiday season is upon us! Hope you are doing well.

Sharing stuff

Forgot to share this pattern last time. It’s the one I used, their technique anyhow, for my last purse. I used her color combo as well.

I created this tote before Barb and I went to take a class but forgot to share. Just a fun modern piece.

Heres a pattern I’ve wanted to try. Think I’d much prefer some solids in this one. Its from a Blue Underground book.

I used a floral bundle I was given. Modern fabrics with solid fabrics would be much more to my taste. I’ll probably try it again someday.