Sharing stuff

Forgot to share this pattern last time. It’s the one I used, their technique anyhow, for my last purse. I used her color combo as well.

I created this tote before Barb and I went to take a class but forgot to share. Just a fun modern piece.

Heres a pattern I’ve wanted to try. Think I’d much prefer some solids in this one. Its from a Blue Underground book.

I used a floral bundle I was given. Modern fabrics with solid fabrics would be much more to my taste. I’ll probably try it again someday.


Clothesline ~ check

Another project I’ve wanted to try done. I still have some clothesline left to make a small basket and I also have some cotton line that I’m not going to wrap but use colored thread on.

This is a repurposed zipper. I couldn’t find one locally with a nice pull so I went to a thrift store and took this off a guys pullover. Good zipper at the right price. The leather straps is cut from a sample I got free from a furniture store. Ya know all those fabric samples they sometimes give away?

There are just the right amount of pockets inside and it’s a medium size purse, not a carry-all that seems so popular. It’s wonky but I like it. Another item off the to try list.

Now to finish the Christmas tablerunner binding, well, invisible binding. Whatever. Oh, and I have tried the free motion foot, just not comfortable with the results.  I end up grumpy when I use that foot, just not my cup of tea I guess.

Point Me

The beginning of something wonderful. Think I’ll add some dark grey or medium grey to sides like the pattern shows, or maybe a combination of both.

Orange has slooowwly been growing on me. I can handle it, but only certain shades. It does look nice, I admit, with grey and I love grey.

3 random projects

A few random projects.

Some birthday blocks made by friends. It’s called pick up sticks, fun block to sew. Think I’ll put it together with black sashing.

One of two (for my twins) modern quilts made from Jo Morton fabrics. I have some camo minkee for the backs.

Quilting my Christmas table runner…arguing with myself about whether I should work at learning to use the free motion foot better or stick with the walking foot and have to flip the quilt around a million times. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with a learning curve!

Love wiggly quilting. 8 quilts total to finish before Christmas. 1 done completely, quilting another and all but one top finished. Not too bad.

Fall Retreat 2012

As always, a wonderful time.

It was different in a few ways this time. Thursday we heard helicopters and when we came back from dinner in town, were stopped by police to inform us of a missing 60 yr old woman. Initially we didn’t know why she was missing and so it was a little weird thinking there might be some guy out there abducting women and us with no locks on the doors! We were inside having a grand time with friends but knowing some gal may be having the worst night of her life. She was found and hopefully will get some much needed help. Poor lady was depressed and spent two nights outside (that is my assumption, the outside part).

On a happier note, my machine had had enough and decided to stitch so badly it wasn’t worth using. The fact that I’ve only had it cleaned once in 12 years may have something to do with it. Sheesh. I hope that’s the case, find out tomorrow. Here’s what I used in its place…

Lucky me Penny only wanted to hand stitch this time. What a straight sewer this little machine is. If it sewed a zigzag it’d be the machine for me, and at a much more affordable price than the new machines out there today. It’s a 1950’s Featherweight. I sewed this mug rug entirely on it.

Roylene brought this pattern, On The Fly to retreat. Dona thought it looked fun so she tried it (3rd from left), Barb ran out of things to sew and liked what Dona had done so she tried it too (4th from left and 4 rows on right).  Then I ran out of things I could do (needed that zigzag) so I joined in the fun (two rows on left) What are we going to do with these? Uh, no idea.

On the way home we stopped and I wasn’t going to buy anything until Barb pointed out the thread was 50% off. Well, I had just pieced a few things which I didn’t have thread to match for quilting. What else could I have done?

Lastly, I saw this in a magazine. It was done in silk but how easy to used cotton solids. Just liked it.

Eventually I’ll get photos of the other pieces I worked on. Hope you’ve had time to create recently.

See ya.

Scraps and yo-yos

A gift for a friend. They’re cuter in person, photos don’t convey how tiny they are.

Time for retreat again. Refresh my soul. Love retreat.

Here’s one project I’ll be taking to quilt. I sewed up a Christmas quilt from red and green scraps and still had some left over so I sewed this huge tablerunner. Its real long, like 95″, to go over the table edges but I still had leftovers so I pieced the back. Finally, those scraps are gone! Not all the others, but the red/green pile is used up. Slowly but surely.

It makes me think of either crosses or gifts, both applicable to Christmas.

Happy day to ya.


Bye-bye brown chair.

This was the one thing I dreaded the most about redoing my studio, reupholstering my chair. I’ve never done that before, plenty of slipcovers but other than kitchen chairs, no upholstering. Not looking forward to it AT ALL but wanted it done. Found enough fabric in the right color, only $32, so if I mess up… not that big a deal.

I got down to the foam and discovered the year it was made, 1964. Yuck, that’s alot of years of dust, so I decided to rip off the foam as well.

Center of chair

Arms came off, made things a little easier.

And the ottoman was in deperate need, it’d been covered with a quilt for over a year.

All is better now. Not perfect mind you, but done. And so soft to the touch.

See the side table off to the side? That’s the next and last piece of furniture to be redone. Grey stain on top and white painted base. Who knows when, I’m just going to enjoy the room for awhile.