Hello all. Seems awhile since I last posted. I’d typed up the last one and husband pushed the publish button for me since I was away at quilt market. Before I get started on that I found a stowaway when I was looking for something in my class stuff. This little Dresden was hanging out with the other quilt study blocks. If this is yours or you know whose it is please let me know so I can get it home! I do believe it was from the Tater Patch Quilts class.

Here are a few Fall Quilt Market photos, not so good but it gives you an idea. I took these first two from a second floor porthole type window. This isn’t even close to the whole thing. I was in row 100 (first row) and it went up to, I think, 2300. My crate isn’t back yet with my papers so I’m not positive about that number.

The next few are of first the view from my row facing the actual quilt show and then the opposite direction facing the quilt market.

And finally my booth, a little different from the last one. See the two corner units? They are actually my crate, taken apart and transformed. I figured if I was going to pay sooo much for it to be shipped I may as well use it in my booth. Only went with one person this time, Eddy, she ran out of the booth when I took the picture. Turkey. Famous people are all over the place at market, ya feel like you have to keep your eyes peeled and read everyones badge as they go by (some I don’t recognize). I’m in a conversation when Marie Osmond walks by and I’m thinking did I just see who I think I saw?? Learned alot again (others are so generous with their experience), saw some people I’d met before and made a few new friends. And I’d have to say that Houston is the friendliest place I’ve ever been. A few people seemed bored but not one person I came across whether a cabby, food clerk, hotel person or whatever seemed put out to do their job. That was really nice, they were happy to help, makes for a pleasant time.

This last photo is a sneak peek at my next bag, actually a tote, pattern. It has a miniature quilt, of course, buttons, interior pockets and the easiest zipper I’ve ever done. And I don’t like zippers.

There’s one more thing that’d l’d like to tell you about but, well, it seems too good to be true so I’ll wait until it starts to actually happen. Next year I’ll stay for festival (have a booth) and experience that craziness at least once. It’ll be long and exhausting but I think I ought to try it.

Take care all and have a very happy Monday!