Good morning or should I say Bonjour. I’m going to France. Really. (still shaking my head in disbelief) My friends/family will probably get tired of hearing that but I may have to say it a few hundred times before it really sinks in. This is what I was referring to in the last paragraph of last Monday’s post.  The French quilt magazine QuiltMania, invited me to be a part of their show Pour l’Amour du Fil in April 2009, to teach and have a booth. I just stood there stupidly (no other way to put it) listening to Christelle (isn’t that a pretty name?). Trying to hear her words but distracted by the accent. After she left I turned to Eddy and said “I think I just got invited to France” Oh, if you go to their site and it’s all in French click on the British flag in the upper right corner (thanks Lisa) I spent a few hours highlighting and translating, wish she’d told me sooner!  :o)

The quilt collage above is the first created in preparation for this show. No frame, need to think light. And then the backside of the 1/4″ squares. That’s another cigar silk in the center, they work well with miniatures.

Wishing you a wonderful week!