…to start thinking about the season. The guild Christmas party invitation said to bring ‘an orphan block created into something of your choice’. Perfect timing, I was so in the mood for this kind of project. I made two and took pics so you can join in the fun.

oneIt’s a door decoration. I like the sound of bells at Christmas and my other one has seen better days. It’d also look great hanging in front of an old mirror.


  • A 4″ quilt block quilted (if it had already been quilted I’d have probably just cut it out of the quilt and left the edges raw).
  • Lace for the hangar
  • sheer fabric 2″ x 3″
  • 1/2″ strip of muslin
  • tiny flowers
  • 2″ squares of cardstock and old paper
  • buttons
  • words/letters
  • paint
  • distress ink
  • wire/tool
  • bells
  • glue

threeAfter quilting the block, sew the lace ends onto one corner. Pinch sheer fabric into a bow and sew on top of lace.

fourWrap muslin strip around flower stem a few times, tie and sew on.

fiveGlue old paper to cardstock, let dry and zigzag all around. Distress edges and using a pen cap dipped in paint, stamp random circles. Punch a hole in top and bottoms corners. Set aside to dry.

sixFind letters/words in old books or print them yourself, arrange and glue. Graphics can sometimes be found on title pages or chapter headings.

eightSew on a few buttons and glue on some words. Join the pieces with wire or a string and add bells.

nineAdd painted paper circles to back if you like.

tenVoila! Happy Monday to you all!